How It Works

Move First

Don’t let your dream home pass you by. With our Buy and Sell program, you can unlock equity to buy your next home without having to sell first.

Step 1

Get pre-approved quickly and easily

Say goodbye to contingencies and hello to winning offers. We’ll help you unlock your home value upfront, even before you list. You get to make non-continent offers, then we’ll help you sell and move in one seamless transaction.

Step 2

Buy your dream home with more bargaining power

Make the best possible offer on your next home and then sell your current home at the right time and at the best price.

Step 3

Move and prep your existing home for sale

Move into your new home and then make repairs and stage the old home for sale. During this time, you will only make mortgage payments on the new home while The Trade-In Mortgage™ product will cover your existing mortgage payments on the old home. When your old home is ready for sale, you and your real estate agent will list it on the open market.

Step 4

Sell your existing home and save

Sell your old house on the open market for top dollar. If it doesn’t sell within the specified time frame (usually 120 days), Calque will buy it for the PPG. Either way, you move forward with a conventional 80% loan on your new home.